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Another year has come and gone.
2009 saw TISMA's 23nd car show set a
NEW RECORD --- Most Hours of RAIN during a Brockville Car Show.

Yes, folks. It finally happened. Our counter of consecutive rain-free events now has to be reset.

The proof is in the puddle... Puddle ...but why let a little rain get in the way when you have a patio umbrella...
Car guys have always been an innovative bunch.

As you know, this was the year of the
"Pony Car Challenge".

Well, Mother Nature had her own ideas and decided to challenge everyone with a
"Best Wax Job Competition".

She started off the event by gently wetting down the vehicles and helping participants fill their water buckets. She turned off the tap mid-morning, and started a time clock to see who could polish the fastest. About a half hour later, she decided time was up.

It was time to test who had the best wax.

How? -- by looking for beading water, of course.
She knew we didn't have enough hoses for the task, so she very cordially turned on the tap again.

Some of us got so sopped that it made participants laugh.
We sure saw some good wax jobs though. Water was beading up all over the place.

Everyone was then given time to clean up again under overcast skies.
As if on cue, or in answer to a few prayers.... Pray for sun out came the sun in time for the trophy presentations.

Did the Best Wax Job Competition trump the show?
You'll be surprised to see what turned up. Keep reading. But first...

A great big
THANK YOU goes out to all those who helped make it such a success despite the odds.

Show Participants, Spectators, Sponsors, Volunteers, and the Members of TISMA
TOGETHER made it all happen.

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